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About Storyteller

Storyteller is a Public Relations agency. We create purpose-driven stories for businesses and strategically publish them through the right media.

Does your brand, brand name, logo, or product have an exclusive story? The Storyteller team can help you.

This is Jobair Rubel. I am a business storyteller. For the last 12 years, I have published more than 16 thousand news articles for more than 450 domestic and foreign Brands in more than 200 media worldwide.
Through my story, I want to tell the story of the domestic entrepreneur and his initiative to the whole world; That he/she may expand his business worldwide.- That is my vision.

I work as a CEO at Storyteller, a public relations agency.
I want to create a beautiful story for your business and publish it in the right place.
Remember one thing: your story’s hero is your customer, not you.

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How do we make a story

Telling stories is nice, but without a strategy, it won’t create the impact the world needs. Engaging your audiences with so much noise and such short attention spans is not always easy. Create effective change through a more strategic approach to impact storytelling. Our Strategic Story Consults help you to unlock your brand story and create a plan for getting it out in the business more impactfully.


Find your Story

You have to decide what story you want to tell your target clients about your brand or product. You have to do this very consciously. By talking to you, we’ll find out that emotional story.

Shape your story

Support to make key strategic decisions on all-important ‘who, what, when, and where of your story.

Share your story

Create an actionable and strategic plan to share your story with the world and tips on how to measure its impact

What Our Clients Say

Awesome experience working with the team at Heroes of Digital! They are always very responsive and continuously gives us suggestions to improve our online presence
Storyteller is the best pr agency I have ever worked with. they are helping me to grow my agency business through their awesome storytelling tactic.
Mark Hoffman

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