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If you are looking for Personal Branding Strategy, then we, The Storyteller: A Public Relations Agency for Personal Brand Development are here to help. Unleash the full potential of yours, and redesign your personal branding.

Top Leaders Who Use Personal Branding

“Advertising fuels sales, but brand creation ignites the power to dictate your worth, from 300 TK to 30,000 TK. It’s the art of value, not just the act of selling. Personal Brand works like a magnet! With a powerful personal brand, you can draw the perfect audience, opportunities, and 10x your business to you effortlessly. We know how to make this happen.”

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Result; In 6 Month or less

Identify your challenges 

We help you discover your unique and authentic value for your brand by asking relevant questions about your personal brand objectives, goals, skills, values, current situation, and future plans. We work like a doctor who diagnoses your condition and prescribes the best remedy.

Design the best strategy and set your goals!

The key to successful personal branding is having a clear and effective strategy. We don’t rely on luck, we use science. Our storyteller team will craft a compelling and emotional story for you that will resonate with your audience.

Experiment for optimal results! 

Once we have a solid action plan, we start to explore the best possibilities for your brand. We test, monitor, and adjust our approach as needed. This is how we ensure that you achieve your desired outcomes.

Leadership begins with communicating your “why.” As author Simon Sinek says“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

Personal Branding Blueprint


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Storyteller is a public relations agency that specializes in personal branding. We help entrepreneurs, influencers and professionals like you create and maintain a positive public image that reflects your unique and authentic value.

We have 12 years of experience and strong skills in:


Personal Brand Planning: We help you discover your personal brand objectives, goals, skills, values, and story.

Media Relations: We help you get featured in top local & National media outlets like Prothom Alo and Daily Star, and position you as an authority in your niche.

Social Media: We help you manage your social media presence, engage with your audience, and grow your online reputation.

Content Planning: We help you create engaging and valuable content for your website, blog, newsletter, podcast, or video channel.

Crisis Management: We help you handle any negative publicity or feedback, and protect your personal brand from damage.

We don’t rely on luck, we use science. We have helped hundreds of clients boost their personal brands and achieve their goals. Don’t wait any longer! Contact us today and boost your goal achievement by 10x! This is the best investment you can make for your personal branding!👇

Our Happy Clients

What Our Clients Say

We have helped hundreds of clients boost their personal brands and achieve their goals.
Here are some of their stories:
Prawma Tapashi Khan, FCCA
ACCA Bangladesh Country Manager
"Storyteller PR delivered exceptional PR support to our organization. They were professional, attentive and helped us to successfully promote our events and initiatives, gaining wider recognition for our brand. Their expertise made a significant impact on our growth. I highly recommend Storyteller PR to anyone who is looking for an expert PR support."
Entrepreneur | Business Consultant
"Working with Storyteller was a pleasure. They exceeded my expectations with their storytelling skills and attention to detail. Thanks to their help, I now have a strong personal brand that accurately represents me. I would recommend Storyteller to anyone looking for expert personal branding PR services."
Sadik Al Sarkar
Founder, Leadsas
"Storyteller provided me with exceptional personal branding PR services. They listened to my goals and crafted a compelling narrative that resonated with my target audience. I am grateful for their expertise and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to elevate their personal brand."
VATBondhu Alimuzzaman
Founder & Lead Consultant
The real consultation
"I loved working with Storyteller for my personal branding PR services. They captured my essence perfectly and helped me create a strong personal brand that truly reflects who I am. I would definitely recommend their services to others."


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